Banana Chips

banana chips

banana chips

So, several of my family members got dehydrators for Christmas. They’re having a great time figuring out what to dry. I thought I’d show how I dry banana chips, the easy way. So many of the recipes out there call for the banana slices to be soaked in lemon juice or some kind of citric acid solution before drying. I’m going to tell you that it’s not needed. Really, it’s not necessary. They dry just fine without that extra step.

This is a super easy way to make some healthy snacks for your family. So many of the supermarket brands of banana chips are covered in oil and sugar. We don’t need that. Naturally dried banana chips are sweet enough without all that extra stuff. This is also a great way to use up those spotted bananas. They’re just fully ripe and oh, so good!

What you’ll need – The dehydrator! I have the Nesco Snackmaster. It’s a great little machine. You’ll need some bananas, too.

making chips

Ready to go!

Additional equipment – See that metal thingy to the right of the banana? That’s my Grandma’s butter slicer. Let me tell you – this thing is the greatest thing for slicing bananas, since sliced bread! If you have one, use it instead of a mandoline or knife. If you don’t have one, get one!

Here come the complicated instructions. Peel banana.

peeled nanna

Peel the banana.

Since bananas are usually curved and a bit longer than the butter slicer – cut that sucker in half!

Banana halves

Cut it in half

(you can just break in in half with your hands. I won’t tell) Then, you slice it up!

banana slices

sliced banana

Here comes the complicated part. If there’s a bruise on your banana, just break that part off and stick in in a baggie and keep in the freezer for banana bread or this awesome smoothie.

bruised banana

Save this for bread or smoothies!

Now, get out your dehydrator trays and place the slices of banana on them.

drying bananas

Arrange the slices on the trays

Keep adding trays as you need them, until all the banana slices are gone.

bananas on drying trays

ready to dry

Set the dehydrator to the fruit setting, recommended for your model of dehydrator. Mine is 135 degrees for fruit.

drying bananas

Fruit 135 degrees

Then follow the recommended times for you machine. Check them and decide if you like them chewy or crunchy. Mine took 16 hours to get to the slightly crunchy stage that I like.

banana chips

All dried!

Let them cool a bit, then pop the chips off the trays.

banana chips

Chips anyone?

Store them in an air tight container or baggie. They will get a bit soft after about 10 days, but they shouldn’t last that long!

Banana Chips

Banana Chip

What I did – I took 4,  6 to 7 inch bananas, peeled them and sliced them about a quarter inch thick. I spread them out on my dehydrators trays and dried them for about 16 hours. I rotated the trays after 8 hours. You can use more or fewer bananas.  My 4 bananas made about 2 cups of chips. Give it a try. With a dehydrator, you can control what goes into and onto the things that you dry. Less sugar, less salt, fewer additives, better flavor, the benefits are endless. Store in an airtight container. Refrigeration is not needed. Now, you need to know, that these are not the same as the store bought banana chips. Those are sweetened, fried, sugar bombs. Dehydrated banana chips will not be as crunchy as those. However, they will be so much healthier for you!