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Hi, I’m Ruth. I live in sunny central Florida. This website will mostly be about vegetarian recipes, tips and information. It all started about 8 years ago, when my youngest son came to me with a question. Would I care if he stopped eating meat? What? My meat & potatoes kid wanted to quit the beef? I did as any mother should and told him no, I don’t care. After one too many dishes of buttered noodles and green beans, he brought me a recipe. Then another and another. Soon, we were all eating a more healthy diet. Both my boys have moved out, but we’re still eating the veg! Over the years I have gathered and tried out many recipes. I have added and subtracted and tweaked them to our preferences. I would like to share them here. I have the great fortune to belong to an organic produce co-op here and suggest to you, that if you can find one, join it!

I would like to thank my family for their encouragement and proving to me that – yes, you can teach an old chick, new tricks.

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5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Ruth,
    I’m Ashley’s mom. I’m interested in getting into more vegetarian cooking. What are panko crumbs? The mushrooms sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try them.

    • Hi! Welcome to my site. Panko crumbs are just large bread crumbs. They can be found beside regular dry bread crumbs, usually in the spice isle. I hope you enjoy the recipe.

  2. Hi Ruth, I enjoyed reading some of your posts and plan to try making the vegan brownies… how neato that avocados sub for butter!

    Do you have any sort of index of the recipes? All I see is the month-by-month listing which is frustrating — so many blogs have that format for archived posts, and a vague “April, 2012” gives NO clue to what may lie within. It’s not you, it’s WordPress, I guess. Just wish I could see an alphabetized index of your enticing recipes.

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